4 Stacked Greek Vegetable Fritters
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Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters)

Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters) contain zucchinis, carrots, potato, and onion. It is a great appertizer for your main course. It also goes down a treat during Greek Easter fasting or if you’re vegan looking for a delicious snack.

Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters) is simple to make and only requires 3 minutes of frying on each side. You can alter this recipe and replace it with your favorite vegetables.

Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters)

Course: Snacks, AppertizersCuisine: Greek Vegan, Greek, Fasting


Prep time


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Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters) are easy to make and contain 4 simple vegetables: Zucchinis, Carrots, Potatoes & Onions.


  • Vegetables
  • 2 x Large Zucchinis Shredded

  • 1 x Medium Carrot Shredded

  • 1 x Medium Potato Shredded

  • 1 x Small Onion Shredded

  • 1/3 Cup Dill Chopped

  • 1/3 Cup Parsley Chopped

  • 1 TBSP Lemon Zest

  • Other Ingredients
  • 4 TBSP Cornflour

  • 1/2 Cup Water

  • 1/2 Cup Breadcrumbs

  • 1/2 Cup Plain Flour

  • 1 TSP Baking Powder

  • 1 TSP Salt

  • 1/2 TSP Black Pepper

  • 1/2 Cup Light Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil


  • Mix cornflour & cold water, and set aside.
  • Shred the zucchinis, onions, carrot and potatoes and squeeze the liquid from these vegetables by wringing them in a tea towel.
  • In a bowl combine the chop dill and parsley, cornflour, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, and lemon zest.
  • Add flour and combine everything with your hands. Set aside for 10 minutes.
  • To make the patties, grab some of the mixture and roll it into a ball. Flatten them with the palm of your hand to make a patty shape.
  • Add 3 TBSP of oil to fry pan and bring to a medium heat.
  • Fry the patties for 3 minutes on each side or until they are golden brown.


  • Servings will vary based on the size of each patty.

Commonly Asked Questions

What do you serve fritters with?

If you’re eating Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters) as a snack, try them with Tzatziki.

If you’re eating Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Veggie Fritters) as a side to the main meal, serve them with roast lamb or beef. Your guests will love the combination of a hearty meaty meal and a vegetable side dish aka Kolokithokeftedes.

Casseroles and soups (vegetarian or meat versions) also work well with these veggie fritters.

Vegans will LOVE using these fritters as the patty within their burgers too! Yum!

The options are endless really.

Why are my Zucchini fritters soggy?

Veggie Fritters usually goes soggy if you have too much liquid in the mixture. Wringing the vegetables in a tea towel and making sure they’re as dry as possible is the trick.

If you’ve wrung the vegetables but the mixture is still watery, add more flour to soak it up.

How do you keep fritters crispy?

Once you’ve cooked your Greek Fritters allow them to cool on a wire rack. This will allow the fritters to cool without sweating and allow them to dry out a little before gobbling them up.

If you put them in a container or wrap them in foil straight away, there is nowhere for the heat to escape. This will cause your fritters to lose their crispiness and you’ll be left with soggy and flimsy fritters.

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