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Xirino Fricasse (Pork & Greens Stew in Lemon Sauce)

Traditionally made with pork or lamb, Xoirino Fricasse (Pork & Greens Stew in Lemon Sauce) can also be made with chicken. Follow the same steps below to prepare a zesty and hearty lunch or dinner.

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Xoirino Fricasse (Pork & Greens Stew in Lemon Sauce)

Course: Dinner, Lunch, MainCuisine: Greek


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1kg Pork Shoulder chopped in chunks

  • 8 Spring Onions chopped

  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil

  • Salt and Pepper

  • 500g Endives chopped in chunks

  • 1/4 cup Dill chopped

  • Avgolemono Sauce (Egg_lemon Sauce)
  • 3 egg yolks

  • 1/2 cup fresh Lemon Juice

  • Pinch of Salt

  • 1 Tbsp Cornflour


  • Cut the Pork Shoulder in chunks and coat with Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper
  • Brown the Pork in a hot pot. Don’t overcrowd the pot. Brown in stages if your pot isn’t wide enough to fit all meat.
  • Once browned add all the pork back in the pot and add all your chopped spring onions. Cook together for a couple of minutes.
  • Add water to the pot until it has just covered the pork.
  • Bring to boil, then lower with the lid on for 1.5 hours.
  • Prepping the Greens
  • Roughly chop the Endives in thick chunks and wash thoroughly. You can Romaine lettuce, spinach, or dandelion greens or a mixture of all if Endives aren’t accessible.
  • Once the meat has softened add the greens to the pot, cover the pot and continue to cook until the green wilt.
  • Add more salt and pepper if needed.
  • Avgolemono Sauce
  • Add egg yolks, lemon juice, and cornflour in a small bowl and whisk until smooth.
  • Ladle hot liquid from the pot to the egg bowl so that you can temper the sauce. Whisk to combine. This will make sure your eggs don’t scramble. Repeat this step 3 times.
  • Pour all the sauce into the pot. Instead of stirring, lift the pot with mittens and swirl and gently shake to distribute the sauce evenly.
  • Serve with chopped dill sprinkled over the top.

Recipe Video


  • This dish can be prepared with lamb or chicken too. The same steps apply.

Commonly Asked Questions

I’m not a fan of pork. Can I use lamb?

Yep. Traditionally this dish is made with pork or lamb, but you can also use chicken or beef. Follow the same steps as above with your choice of meat.

What cut of meat is best for this dish?

I use boneless pork or lamb shoulder so that I can easily cut the meat into big chunks. It doesn’t really matter what cut of meat you use, so long as you can cut it into thick chunks. This dish cooks for close to two hours so you don’t want the meat to be too thin that it falls apart in the stew.

I don’t have Endives. What other Greens can I use?

You can use Romaine lettuce, spinach, or dandelion greens, or a mixture of all those greens if you like variety.

Do I have to temper my eggs?

If you don’t temper your eggs, your eggs will scramble as soon as it hits the pot. The heat from the pot needs to be slowly added to your egg mixture and whisked to slowly raise the heat of your eggs. When you do this, your eggs won’t scramble once you pour the entire mixture back into the pot.

I don’t like dill. What else can I serve with it?

You can use chopped mint to add to this dish. A lot of people use a combination of mint and dill but if you’re not a fan of dill, then mint will do the trick.

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